Free Holiday Planner

Enjoy Some You-Time

We’re officially in the holiday season and here’s some relief…I’m giving you my FREE Holiday Planner. It includes over 28 planning pages to help you focus in on all the important details of the holidays, so you can enjoy the season without the STRESS!

The Perfect Surrounding

Your New Holiday Planner includes:

  • My worksheet on prioritizing who matters most at Christmas
  • A detailed Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Plan
  • Holiday Menu Planners & Shopping Lists (for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years)
  • Decor Planning Guide
  • Party Planning Sheets
  • Budget Sheets
  • Shopping Lists
  • Grocery Lists

Want a Holiday Season Where you...

  • Experience the joy of the Holidays sans all the madness?
  • Actually have a game plan for shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday without feeling frantic?
  • Are able to sit down at the dinner table NOT exhausted?
  • Feel like your family actually enjoyed Christmas instead of it whizzing right by?

Girl, You Need a Planner!

  • I used to be the scatterbrain with a million lists and task to get done during the holidays.
  • Sometimes I got everything done, sometimes I didn’t. But when I didn’t plan I always felt tired, out of control and almost like I missed Christmas.
  • Worse, the experience I attempted to create seemed commercial and empty.

Savor Your Next Holiday

  • But I also know what it’s like to plan a no-sweat, fun-filled holiday my family can enjoy without being exhausted.
  • I can now host a huge holiday gathering without spending the entire day in the kitchen.
  • I build memories into our days instead of just agenda items.
  • I don’t overspend on things that don’t matter
  • I can say no to people and events without guilt.